Sometimes, people feel like they can get better service or coverage from those big box insurance agencies. The problem is it’s very easy to get lost in that big box. And those things that they think make the big boxes the “best bet” are oftentimes the things that make them seek out a new insurance agency later.

That is exactly why we are not in the big box business. We like to be different. Because different is a good thing. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Allow us to share with you the top reasons why we are different (in the best way possible) according to our customers.  

We give you answers, not hold music.

Calling queue? What is that? Your call is always first in line with us. Ask our customers; ask our carriers they know what makes Anthony Insurance different. When you call our agency, you will be greeted by a REAL person, you will never be asked to listen to a menu of options or transferred from voice mail to voice mail. Plus, every member of our staff is a highly trained, licensed Insurance Agent and problem solver ready to answer your questions.

“Always efficient and knowledgeable!! If they can’t answer your question they are quick to seek answers and respond back quickly. Very friendly and professional.” Customer since 1998

“Anthony Insurance is quick to respond, informative and professional.” Cheryl B., customer since 1994

“Always willing to answer questions and give quick responses to any needs.” William F., customer since 1992

We are friendly folks, not Salespeople.

The industry term is upselling. And for us it is a major downer. When you call your insurance agent you need something. Answers, assistance, or maybe a quote. What you don’t need is someone wasting your time trying to upsell you or give you a cookie cutter price on a cookie cutter policy. At Anthony’s Insurance, we look at each client as an individual to determine what is right for their business or family— no more and no less.

A cookie cutter approach for all clients can leave large gaps in coverage for some and over insurance for others. We do not copy your old insurance policy if we did, 95% of the time we would be copying bad coverage.

“I have always received good information and never feel pressure to purchase more insurance.” Anonymous, customer since 1977

“You took the time to completely explain the insurance coverage and to understand my needs. You only tried to sell me what I needed.” Anonymous, Customer since 2018

“Whenever, I need something they are easy to get a hold of and quickly provide what I am asking for. I love the fact I never have to call a 1-800 number.” Christian B., customer since 2016

Personal Insurance and Business Insurance With a Personal Touch.

Like we said, cookie cutters are not for us. We prefer to leave those to the local bakery. But similar to the local bakery we find that our customers appreciate a personal touch. Personal attention makes us different. You won’t find it from some “Click here for Insurance” website or Call Center Representative halfway across the country. We built this agency with the idea of providing people with the honest, reliable service and straight talk they deserve.

“They will take time to answer all of your questions very thoroughly, and make sure that you understand all of your options with regard to your policy. Their personal touch on all aspects of the insurance relationship is greatly appreciated.” David D., customer since 2001

 “If you’re looking for an agent who will take their time answering all your questions, being patient and thorough, give them a call. I feel like a valued customer and I appreciate the great customer service that I get every time.” Francine H., customer since 1996

“Anthony Insurance is always available and ready to help with whatever insurance needs that come up. This is especially important for a small business, as many things do come up and need attention.” William L., customer since 2001

Our rates. Enough said.

You should trust and instant quote like you trust an email from a Nigerian prince who wants to give you money. They typically sound too good to be true, because they are.

An insurance rate should be treated like a nice pair of tailored pants. There are several measurements that need to be taken into consideration, but not only that. What our clients find after getting a personal quote from us is that not only is their policy everything they had in mind, the rate is a perfect fit too. Don’t let flashy sales tactics have you walking away with the purple-polka-dotted version of a policy. Take some advice from our customers:

“Very pleasant and have always explained my questions to me in detail. And got me cheaper rates than State Farm after 25 years with them.” Amy G., customer since 2017

“Great service, great people, reasonable rates. What more does one need?” John H., customer since 2009

“Your insurance service is excellent and your rates are better than many other companies… Not only would I recommend you but I have to quite a few friends and colleagues.” Anonymous, customer since 1984

“(A) personal friend with another company looked at my policies and rates and honestly told me that he could not compete. So, I am very satisfied.” Dana C., customer since 1980

We invite you to explore more about us and our insurance offerings. The greatest compliments we receive are when new customers tell us no one has ever explained insurance to them the way we do—in a clear, concise way you can understand. We all strive to make this Agency one that you will be proud to say represents, you, our customer.