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Andi Brubaker

“Anthony Insurance is a really customer friendly environment. They not only describe in detail about the policy you are interested in purchasing, but also take time to get to know you personally. They all are very enthusiastic about their job and take it seriously. Compared to other insurance agencies their prices are fantastic and explain why you can save the money if you go through them. They also are very quick and efficient as I called and set up an appointment and within 30 minutes I was there and after a 15 minute meeting I had my insurance in my hand. I highly recommend Anthony Insurance!” 

Roderick Clippinger

“For forty years I had insurance coverage for both Home and Auto with another big name Insurance carrier. I never had any problems with the carrier I had. I talked to a lot of different people and everyone seemed to be paying a lot less money for insurance then I was, so I thought I would finally shop around. After contacting Anthony Insurance, they took some info from me and Katrina Leppo compared polices. Katrina contacted me and told me she could offer almost identical policies if not better for almost half the cost of what I was paying. My wife and I went to the office and were greeted by friendly staff members where Katrina fully explained the policies and coverage to us. We are very satisfied with the process of switching to Erie thru Anthony Insurance and a special thanks to Katrina Leppo for all her help.”

John Stein

“Insurance is not something that people think much about…..until you need it. Not only are the folks at Anthony Insurance some of the most knowledgeable in the business, but they are just the nicest and easiest to work with. It’s always nice knowing you have someone in your corner when needed. Would not dream of doing business with ANYONE else.”   

Kim Schamberger

“I was with Anthony Insurance several years ago, for many, many years. When I moved out of state I had to switch companies, upon returning to Pennsylvania I was more then happy to bring my business back to a great agency. The entire staff has always been and still is very friendly and helpful. I was able to save over $400 by coming back to Anthony Insurance and I doubled my coverage in the process. Thank you Vicky.”

Molly N.

“Anthony Insurance is beyond a doubt the best insurance place I have every used.  The insurance is affordable and comprehensive.  Kent and the friendly and hardworking staff take their time to make sure that you have the best insurance for your needs.  They are quick to respond and hardworking.  It is so much better to have an “insurance guy” who knows you then anything online.  I highly recommend Anthony Insurance.”

Judith Jaffe

“I used to have home and auto insurance with a big-name company, but people kept telling me I was paying way too much. My brother recommended Erie Insurance at Anthony Insurance. Everyone was right, I was paying about twice as much as I do for Erie. I went to their conveniently located office off I-83, and was quickly given an auto insurance quote much lower than what I had been paying. But no one tried to sell me anything, I got everything I asked for, and everything was clearly explained by Vicki. She also got my old policy cancelled. A couple of years later, this July, I went back and got home insurance too. I don’t know why I waited!”

Mike Toth

“My wife and I have been very satisfied customers of Anthony Insurance for over 10 years. Their personalized service is the best!  Whether I need to stop by over lunch or after work, they are always very accommodating. I was over the other day and the owner (Kent) stopped by to say ‘Hi Mike’ and ‘Say Hello to Nicole’ (my wife) – very friendly! They’ve never pressured us to purchase anything – very straightforward with presenting the options and letting us decide. I would highly recommend them.”

Laura Souders

“I highly recommend Anthony Insurance for your insurance needs. Kent took the time to teach my about what I was buying with my business, auto and home owners insurance. Anthony Insurance is very knowledgeable about the industry and works hard to tailor-fit an insurance plan for your needs. I feel confident that I am covered now and Kent saved me money!! I appreciate the friendly, welcoming atmosphere of this company!”

Darren Rech

“The entire staff was very friendly and welcoming. Vicki and I worked together for almost two hours hashing out my family insurance needs. Her knowledge and experience is a great asset. She thoroughly walked through our coverage options and, more importantly, explained why we needed a certain level of coverage based on age, family needs, etc. Her list of key “turning points” in a persons life will trigger a phone call to assess our insurance coverage at that point in time. I would recommend Anthony Insurance to anyone who is looking for reliable and straightforward answers.”

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