General Questions


During Normal Business Hours, please contact Anthony Insurance and one of our agents will be happy to assist you through the claim process.

Emergency Claims Service after Business Hours:

How do I pay my policy?
What is Insurance Scoring?

An insurance score is developed by considering an individual’s Payment History, Outstanding Debt, Bankruptcies, New Applications for Credit, Collections, etc. Unlike credit scores, insurance scores do not use Income as a factor and do not produce a hit on the individual’s credit history. Insurance Scores are one of many factors Insurance Companies utilize when determining rates.

For more information on Insurance Scoring please visit or


What should I do if I buy a new vehicle?

When considering a new vehicle, call Anthony Insurance with the Year, Make, Model, and VIN for the new vehicle. One of our agents will assist you with the changes in your policy premium, possible coverage changes, and any other questions you may have.

Always call Anthony Insurance when you purchase a vehicle even if the car dealer states he/she will call. To protect your privacy, no changes will be made to your policy based on a dealer’s request. When our Agency receives information from a dealer, an Agent will call you to confirm the change.

Where can I find vehicle safety ratings?

The following link will take you to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Picks

How do I determine the value of my vehicle?
How can I check my Motor Vehicle Report?

To obtain your Motor Vehicle Report go to, click Online Driver and Vehicle Services, click Request your Driver History, then follow the onscreen instructions.

I cannot locate my vehicle's Financial Responsibility/ID card - where can I acquire a new card?

Erie Insurance Policyholders can request a copy of the Identification Card for their vehicle by clicking here. After logging in to Erie’s website, you will need your Auto Policy Number and the Date of Birth for the person named first on your policy to view your policy and print an ID card.

You can also call Anthony Insurance and an Agent will fax or mail an ID card for you.

Where can I find the NAIC number for my vehicle registration?

The NAIC number is located on your vehicle’s Financial Responsibility Card. If you cannot locate the number, call Anthony Insurance and an agent will be happy to help you.

My Teenager is turning 16 - When does he/she need to be added to my Auto Policy?

During the time that your teenager is driving under a Learner’s Permit, coverage will be provided automatically under an Erie Insurance Auto policy at no additional cost. After your Teenager receives his/her Learner’s Permit, contact the Agency with your child’s Name, Date of Birth, Permit Number and Social Security Number.

When your new Driver passes the Driver Licensing exam, he/she must be added to your Auto Policy. Call Anthony Insurance with the new Driver’s Full Name, Date of Birth, Driver’s License Number and Social Security Number.

At what point can my Teen Driver have his/her own separate policy?

After your Teen Driver has a Driver’s License, he/she can be placed on a separate Auto policy. To quote a separate policy for your Teen Driver, call Anthony Insurance with the Year, Make, Model and VIN of the vehicle you are considering. The rates for Young Drivers can vary considerably depending upon the age and type of vehicle.

What should I do when my Auto Loan has been changed or paid off?

If your auto loan company changes, call Anthony Insurance with the new loan company’s name and insurance mailing address. If you have paid off your loan, notify Anthony Insurance to remove the bank from your policy.

How do I turn in my License Plate to PennDOT?

The State of Pennsylvania requires that individuals must maintain insurance on all registered vehicles. If you have a vehicle that is no longer operable and wish to remove insurance coverage, the License Plate must be returned to PennDOT to avoid suspension of your insurance coverage on other vehicles, driver’s license, or registration.

  • The License Plate, Registration Sticker and Card must be mailed to Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Return Tag Unit, PO Box 68597, Harrisburg, PA 17106-8597. Form MV-141 must accompany the tag. The following link will allow you to print the Form MV-141.
  • You may also return the License Plate, Registration Sticker and Card to a Title and Tag PennDot Agent.


What should I do when my Mortgage Company has been changed or paid off?

If your mortgage company changes, call Anthony Insurance with the new mortgage company’s name and insurance mailing address. An Agent can fax verification of insurance to your mortgage company if needed. If you have paid off your mortgage, notify Anthony Insurance to remove the bank from your policy.

I am making improvements to my home - when should I contact my agent?

If you have decided to make improvements to your home, call Anthony Insurance immediately to ensure your home is properly covered. An agent will discuss the details of your home with you and will reevaluate the insurance value of your home.

How do I complete a Home Inventory?

A Home Inventory can be as simple or as complex as you want. A quick search on the internet will produce a multitude of websites and software programs available to complete an inventory of your home. One site that is free and easy to use is The site is provided by the Insurance Information Institute.

Some alternatives include using a camcorder to make a movie of your home, taking photos with a digital camera then storing on a disc, or simply taking pictures and making a list with descriptions of items.

After you have completed your inventory, be sure to store a copy away from your home so that the inventory will not be damaged if there is a loss. Remember to update the inventory after any large purchases. The amount of time taken to complete an inventory will save your family the pain and stress of trying to remember the items that filled your home after a loss.

Will my child's belongings be covered at college?

Coverage for your child’s personal property at college is provided under an Erie Insurance Homeowners policy as long as your child is under age 24 and a full-time student.


How do I request a Certificate of Insurance?

You can submit a Certificate request online by clicking here and completing the form, you may call the Agency to speak to an agent, or fax the request to 938-4392.

Where can I find information regarding PA's Contractor Registration requirements?

The State Attorney General’s website contains the details regarding the Contractor Registration requirements.

When completing the registration, you will need your Liability Policy Number, Expiration Date, Liability Limit and NAIC number. The NAIC number for Erie Commercial Liability policies is 26271. If you need assistance with your specific policy details, please call to speak to an agent.