Personal Umbrella Liability

People often assume an Umbrella Policy is a magical policy that covers everything! An Umbrella policy is actually a policy that provides higher coverage limits in addition to your Auto and Home Liability coverage limits.  The policy also provides Worldwide Liability Protection for you and family members in your household if you become obligated to pay damages for a covered accident.

Average settlement awarded by a jury for vehicular negligence.

Settlement awarded by a jury to the estate of a 43-year-old Father who was fatally injured in an Auto Accident.

Settlement for a 16-year-old who became a quadriplegic when he hit his head on the bottom of a friend’s swimming pool at the end-of-school year party.

How much do You have to Lose?

If you are responsible for injury to someone, the injured party may hire a lawyer to sue you. An attorney can easily determine your net worth.

Our Goal is to provide you with a sufficient amount of insurance coverage to satisfy a legal action without harming your assets.

Consider an Umbrella

If you have a Net Worth or Earnings Potential of over $1 million.

  • If you feel that you are a target for lawsuit – Are you affluent?  Do you have a high profile?  Do your personal activities expose you to litigation?
  • If your family drives a lot.  More miles on the road equals greater exposure to auto accidents.
  • If your family travels internationally.

You’ve Worked Hard for What You Have – less than $20 a month can give you an extra $1million in Liability Protection.

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