Homeowner and Tenant

Home Insurance

Our Homes are typically our largest asset both financially and emotionally.  Do you know if you have the right coverage to protect Your Home?

Many Homeowners Policies look the same on the surface; however, the Coverage inside the policy can be drastically different.

The main components of a Home Insurance Policy include coverage for the Dwelling, Other Structures, Personal Property, Loss of Use, and Personal Liability.

Replacement Cost is an essential element of Homeowners Protection. 

Will you receive Guaranteed Replacement Cost if your home is damaged?  Does your home coverage stop at the limit shown on the policy?

Each Insurance Company has special limits for items such as Jewelry, Furs, Firearms, Collectibles, and more.  Are you certain you have coverage for your Specialty Items—Engagement Ring, Firearms, Coin Collection?

The Liability Section of the Home Policy protects you if you are sued for injuring others or damaging property of others.  Is your Limit of Liability enough to protect your assets?  Do you have exposures such as Swimming Pools, Vacant Land, or a Business in the Home?

A significant Discount is available if you Bundle your Auto Insurance and Home Insurance with the same insurance company.

Renters Insurance

A Renters Policy or Tenant Insurance is an inexpensive policy to protect your Personal Property and Liability when renting.

The annual premium is generally less than $100.  You also receive a Discount for bundling your Auto Insurance and Renters Insurance with the same Company.

The Three Main Coverages included in a Renters Policy are shown below.
  • Personal Property: Replacement Cost Coverage of your Belongings.
  • Loss of Use: Provides coverage to stay in a hotel/motel after a loss makes your apartment uninhabitable. Additional living expenses are covered until your apartment is repaired or you find a new apartment.
  • Liability: Personal Liability Protection.

Condo Unit Owners Insurance

Condo Unit Owners require specialty policies that include coverage for Personal Property, Improvements & Betterments, Loss of Use, Personal Liability, and Loss Assessment.

Items to consider when reviewing your Condo Unit Policy are:

  • the Deductible on the Association Master Policy
  • The Value of Improvements and/or Betterment (examples: finished basement, upgrades to flooring, customized kitchen features)
  • Specialty Personal Property such as Jewelry, Furs, Firearms, Collectibles

A significant Discount is available if you Bundle your Auto Insurance and Condo Insurance with the same insurance company.

Landlord Property/Liability Plans:

NEWSFLASH:  Insurance Companies do not design their products with you in mind!

Insurance Agents may only sell you the product that is the easiest for them to work with.

What happens if that is not what YOU want to buy???

Does this situation sound familiar?  A Rental Property is purchased for $150,000.  The Insurance Company tells you it will take $400,000 to replace the building if it burns down.  You have to pay for $250, 000 more in coverage whether or not you want it.  


We are here to offer choices!

We have numerous Insurance companies that give us the ability to give you what you want.  We actually look at the buildings we insure to make sure all of the elements that go into the design of your program are correct.  We have worked with many Landlords, insuring everything from multi-story apartment buildings to single-family residences rented to others.

If you want FULL replacement or even GUARANTEED replacement coverage, we can do it. (Call to understand the difference.)

If you want only coverage for what you paid for the property, we can offer that.

If you have a VACANT building under renovation, we have options for you.


What about your Liability if someone is hurt on your property—even if your Tenant is responsible?

We have Liability coverage available in amounts that will protect your assets. You can purchase up to  $1 million on your basic policy. Additional limits are available with an Umbrella policy.  

Our primary concern is how to protect you. People assume that if you own property, you must be rich.  Are you a target for lawsuit?  Certainly!


What about your loss of rents in the event of a fire?

Options are available for full protection up to a 12-18 month period or limited protection to suit your specific needs.

Confused? Let us help you buy what you want to pay for! 

Get a second look
at your insurance.

We figure out what you need. 
Nothing more, nothing less.