Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance is a necessary part of our busy lives.  During our lifetime, we may carry Auto Insurance for six decades or more.

No one has the luxury of choosing the day they need their insurance—

  • a car ahead stops short.
  • a distracted driver runs a red light.
  • black ice sends a car out of control.

What would happen to you if one of the above accidents happened today?  Do you actually know the coverage on your policy?

Do you have a real Agent you can call to ask questions AND receive answers?

The jingles, cute animals, and quirky spokespersons make great commercials; but, do not equal great insurance. Why trust your Insurance and your Family with a Call Center Representative at 1-800-“crossmyfingers” who knows you only by a number, when you can work with a local, skilled Agent who is ready to help you and your family?

Many of our clients save money AND receive better coverage after switching to Anthony Insurance.

“I wish I could rate more than 5 stars, because she saved me several hundred dollars per year, AND got me better coverage. I cannot recommend them enough!”—Stephen, Harrisburg

“They were able to help me get better coverage for a lower price! I would highly recommend them to others looking to get the most out of their insurance coverage.”—Matt, York

“All options were thoroughly explained and we found we were under-insured in some areas and over-insured in others. As we finished planning for our true needs, we found we are now saving over $1,000 per year in insurance costs.”—Linda, Hershey

Call today to review your Auto Insurance with our Team. 

Don’t be left on your own trying to navigate the many questions of Auto Insurance…

  • Full Tort or Limited Tort?

  • How much coverage do I need if I injure someone?

  • What kind of coverage is available for ME if I am injured?

  • How does Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists coverage apply to me if I am hurt?

  • What does Stacking mean?

  • How do I cover my car?

  • Will a Rental Car be provided after an accident?

  • We are happy to help you build a policy that fits your needs and your wallet.

Get a second look
at your insurance.

We figure out what you need. 
Nothing more, nothing less.