Personal Life

Life Insurance is an important part of a Financial Plan-in planning for life we need to plan for death. As a professional life insurance agency we take your personal situation into account when recommending life insurance options.

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

The answer would be easy if only we had a crystal ball.

Our Life Insurance Philosophy is to use a common sense approach to develop a plan with you and your spouse with the acceptance that your life’s circumstances and financial status may change dramatically over the years.

  • Ages 0-25: Burial expenses may be the prime concern.
  • Ages 25-55: Income replacement for a surviving spouse, debt from mortgage, credit cards, car loans, and taking care of your children are added concerns.
  • Ages 55 and over: Financial security, tax liabilities, and leaving a legacy may be concerns.

How Long Do You Need Coverage?

Again, let’s check that crystal ball!

  • Economic circumstances can leave people in a position of struggling financially. Even in their latter years, life insurance may be the only money available for burial expenses and to settle debt.
  • Others want a life insurance policy their heirs can collect on. Leaving money to their children, church, or charitable institutions is important to them.
  • Estate taxes may also be an issue. No one can predict what Congress will do in the future. Life Insurance proceeds can be used to offset tax consequences for people who have sizeable estates.

Some people want coverage for a Limited Time Frame:

  • What are your plans for financial security?
  • If in 10, 20, or 30 years you are fortunate enough to have built substantial savings, investments, and assets; you may reach a point when life insurance coverage can be reduced or eliminated.

Product Options

There are two basic types of Life Insurance:
  • Term Insurance – Life Insurance without a cash value.
  • Cash Value Policies – Life Insurance with a cash value (can be known as Whole Life, Universal Life).

Our Goals for Your Life Insurance Plan are:

  • Explain your options clearly.
  • Help you choose a product that suits you.
  • Project honest pricing that we are fairly certain you will qualify for.
  • Arrange any exams you may need to qualify for the best available rate.
  • Deliver the policy in the quickest fashion to have your Life Insurance in force for you.

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