Business Life

What Happens to Your Business If:

  • You Die
  • Your Key Person Dies

Does everything that you have worked for, put your heart and soul into, fall apart? Money cannot replace people.

What Business Life Insurance Can Do to Help:

  • Provide an immediate source of money to keep the business from failing.
  • Help you retain ownership control by giving you money needed to buy out the interest of a Partner’s spouse or stockholders interest.
  • Pay off outstanding business loans/obligations.
  • Replace the earnings of a key person.


We can assist you with

  • The basics of How Much Coverage and for How Long – using the correct Life Insurance Product.
  • Coordinating with your CPA to provide Life Insurance needed to fund a Buy/Sell agreement.
  • Group Life, Key Person, and Simplified Employee Pension Plans to help you retain quality, reliable employees.

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