Avoid Common Traps

We can help You Avoid some Nasty Pitfalls!

  • Promises of low rates to ‘hook’ you. Does that company ever deliver the cheap rate promised? Does the rate increase dramatically 5 or 10 years down the road?
  • Agents who are ‘here today, gone tomorrow.’ Who will be there to answer your questions?
  • Agents who project a need for a large amount of coverage that you simply cannot afford.
  • High pressure sales approaches.
  • Sales projections of monthly rates. Do the math! Multiply it out for a yearly cost to see if the price still looks good.
  • Policies designed to run out in 5 or 10 years. You may have to reapply to coverage that is much more expensive because you are older or you may not be eligible if your health has changed.
  • Policies tied to Stock Market performance. If the stock market tanks, your life insurance tanks. You can lose your coverage completely or be forced to pay huge amounts of additional premium just to try and keep your policy going.
  • Companies that are not financially secure. Will they be there to pay a claim in the future?
  • Buying Mortgage Insurance strictly designed to pay off your bank. Nice for the bank; but, does your spouse have any money left to live on?

Get a (real and correct) quote from a person you can have coffee with.

Not a computer.