It’s that crazy time of year that people are buying billions of dollars in goods on Black Friday, Cyber Monday—you name it. What makes the “smart” shopper different? Is it the bottom line price? Is it brand loyalty?  iPhone vs. Android? 

I see people studying the differences in minute detail on these types of products. When it comes to other purchases that they do not understand, why don’t they take the time to learn the difference?

A carpenter I work with knows exactly what to charge to install a window. A school teacher can help people understand how to solve an equation. Why then do those same educated people not study the different Insurance coverage/products out on the market? They seem to make good choices in their own field but fail to buy smart to protect hundreds of thousands of dollars in their assets.

Maybe the Insurance industry is at fault. Have you considered that the entire industry is geared to convince you that all Insurance policies are the same? It would be simple for them if they were. Then all you would have to do is have some Agent run a comparative rate on the many companies that offer Insurance.  All of the advertising seems geared toward having you believe that all products are exactly the same, i.e., buy the cheapest. I see really intelligent people falling for this “scam”. Has the Insurance Industry convinced you that price is the only difference??