Workers Compensation Insurance

I wish I could tell you the number of times I have experienced people who are trying to avoid buying Workers Compensation Insurance or just plain are trying to call their employees “independent contractors”!! 

The old saying; “if I had a nickel” for each case, I would be very rich!!

I am a Business person—just like you.  I started from “scratch”.  I know the pain of a business in its early years.  We all struggle to make ends meet hoping our new business will take off and succeed.  As your business grows, the time comes when you just cannot do all the work yourself.  Maybe you start out paying someone “under the table”.  (It is not unusual.)

Many people ignore Workers Compensation Insurance Law and hope they won’t get caught.  Most know the coverage is required by law; however, they claim they simply cannot afford a policy.  I know many worry they will not win bids if the additional cost for Workers Compensation Insurance is factored into their job cost.  I have heard these objections many times. 

I respect your business and your budget.  I understand you must balance complying with the law and meeting your budget. 

WHY buy Workers Compensation Insurance?

  • You want to operate a legitimate business and are concerned about doing things “right”.
  • You care about your employees and understand if they are hurt they will not be able to get their medical bills paid under health insurance or have any money to live on.
  • You are “forced” to buy coverage. Yes, that is correct. Most major companies will not hire your company if they face a risk of paying out large claims for you or your employees’ injuries.
  • You are audited by the State.
  • You are afraid of being bankrupted for not buying the coverage. All it takes is for your injured person to show up at a hospital with a work related injury.  When the Hospital finds that you do not have coverage, they will be on the phone to the Department of Labor & Industry.  You will be held responsible for all of the medical bills and lost wages plus the fines for not complying with State Law.

Why hire us?   

  • I do not just “sell” policies.  I know how to secure the best rate for you.  Some people think that Worker’s Compensation Insurance is all “price-fixed” by the State.  The State does set categories and govern some discounts; however, the insurance companies establish their own rates.  I shop to get you the best!
  • You receive my knowledge and experience.  For 14 years, I worked for one of the leading Workers Compensation Insurance companies in PA.  I decided to leave the Company side and become an Insurance Agent to use my expertise to help business people know the “ins-and-outs” of how to buy coverage.  I work for you—buying for you.
  • To receive common sense guidelines to avoid rate surcharges from bad claims experience.
  • To better understand whether a person is an Employee or a “legal” Independent Contractor.  You can face a ton of fines and headaches from the State and Taxing authorities if you do not know “the rules”.
  • To learn whether it is best for you to sign off of Workers Compensation protection for yourself or to be included.  Do not make the mistake of assuming the cost is prohibitive to protect yourself.  Sometimes it is an affordable option to buy Workers Compensation if you are an Executive Officer of a Corporation, a Sole Proprietor, or a member of an LLC. I present those options. I buy it for myself because it is a great deal!
  • To receive the right claims handling for your employees if they are hurt.

Frustrated and Overwhelmed with Insurance?

I have been working with people for many years to give people like you the knowledge to buy smart. You have your business to run. Let us simplify your life by providing you the guidance you need to do what you do best!

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