Umbrella Liability

Is a Business Umbrella a “catch all” policy to cover everything?   A lot of people think so.

What is a Business Umbrella?

Most Insurance Companies provide a maximum of $1 million Liability Protection on Business Auto and Liability policies. An Umbrella policy is designed to follow the primary policies to provide additional levels of coverage in million dollar increments.


You might need an umbrella if…

If you or an employee causes serious injury or property damage, do you have enough coverage to satisfy a judgement against you?

Attorneys for the injured party will name you, any Business entity that you operate under, and anyone else that can be even remotely associated with the incident in a lawsuit. The more parties named in the lawsuit; the better the chances for a large settlement.  An asset check on you and your Business will be completed by the Attorneys to determine how much to sue for.

Beware—a Corporation or LLC may not isolate you from being named individually if you are directly related to the incident.


What are your options?

Declare Bankruptcy and move to Canada?


Buy enough Liability Protection to provide a reasonable settlement to satisfy the Attorney for the injured party—keeping your assets untouched. 

You have spent years building your business, saving, planning, and sacrificing.  Can you take a chance on starting over from one accident, one mistake?  

If your Net worth is $1.5 million and your Liability coverage is only $300,000, your assets are greatly exposed.

Examples of cases we have experienced that resulted in Multi-million dollar claims:

A subcontractor was working on the second floor of a new home under construction.  He threw a board down a hole to the first floor. Unfortunately, he was not aware that another contractor was working below the opening.  The board hit the contractor in the back of the head causing serious, life-long brain injuries.

A Business owner was involved in a multi-vehicle accident while merging onto I-83.  While he was not solely negligent, the other parties carried only minimal coverage that was not sufficient to cover the serious injuries.  The court saw the extensive injuries and placed a large judgement against our insured based on his assets not his degree of fault.  

Why else might someone buy a Business Umbrella?

  • To meet Contract Requirements

If you have contracts with medium to large sized companies, you may be required to maintain an Umbrella policy for the duration of the project and a period of time after completion.  The companies contracting with your Business want you protect them if you cause a claim that draws them into a lawsuit.  We have provided Umbrella coverage limits up to $10 million to help our Insureds meet contract requirements.

  • Peace of Mind
  • Protection of your Future Earnings potential

An Umbrella is a fairly low cost option to protect what you have earned. 

Call to discuss an Umbrella if:

  • Your Business and Personal Net Worth exceed one million dollars.
  • You feel you can be sued for your earnings potential.
  • You or your employees have the potential to cause a serious injury or severely damage property during the course of your Business Operations.
  • You have Worked Hard for What You Have – an Umbrella policy is a fairly low cost policy to protect your Business.

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