Commercial Auto

Tools of the Trade:

Your vehicles make your Business go! Want to keep on moving and making money? Have the correct coverage set up to protect against losses caused by you or an employee.

Our rates for business auto are comparable or lower than personal auto rates in many circumstances-we believe you and your employees drive your vehicles more carefully to protect your livelihood and your reputation.

Options to Consider:

  • How much Liability coverage do I buy to protect my assets?
  • Medical, Wage Loss, Funeral/Accidental Death benefits. How do these coverages apply to me and my employees in the event of an auto accident?
  • Un/Underinsured Motorists protection, as it applies to a Business.
  • Physical Damage Coverage for your vehicles.


Discounts Available:

  • Good claims Experience discounts
  • Fleet discounts
  • Discounts to your Medical coverage if you have employees that are covered by Workers Compensation.

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Get the real thing. We're here to help.